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At Cavanaugh & Cavanaugh – Mark C. Cavanaugh Attorney, we understand that if you are considering bankruptcy as a viable solution, you have probably experienced significant financial stress over the last several months or even years. Perhaps you are not certain that you qualify for bankruptcy and are seeking guidance from an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Our staff realizes that reaching out for help and admitting that bankruptcy may be the most beneficial course of action is frustrating and emotional. It is our goal as your bankruptcy attorney to ease the stress by guiding your case through the court system to reach a successful discharge, ideally providing you with a fresh start when we reach the end of the process.

However, because bankruptcy law is complex and the procedure must be followed to the letter, hiring a skilled bankruptcy attorney creates the best opportunity for a successful outcome. As your bankruptcy attorney, we will help you with those details, including selecting the appropriate type of bankruptcy at the outset, completing and filing the necessary forms and other documentation, and participating in creditor conferences and other meetings and court appearances.

Whether you are investigating alternatives or are ready to file, engaging the services of a skilled bankruptcy attorney is crucial to a successful outcome. Although you are allowed to represent yourself in a bankruptcy proceeding in the United States, most professionals do not recommend it. Representing yourself is challenging and time consuming, and reaching a successful discharge can be difficult if you do not precisely follow the details outlined in the bankruptcy rules.

If you would like help determining whether your situation qualifies for bankruptcy, or if you have specific inquiries regarding the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, we suggest a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to help evaluate your unique situation and counsel you on your options.

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